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Name Ram Sridhar
Mobile 91-98406-19109

 Ad Posted on: 27th July 2006

SkyQuestCom is an international leader in E-Learning services. The 6-year old company is based at Singapore, with operations in 42 countries, totally debt-free and having more than 2 Million Business Associates.
Join now to promote the E-Learning software, through internet, using your free time. The website has more than 200 video seminars on interesting & useful topics such as Personality Development, Family, Communication, Leadership, Language, Finance skills etc., These are presented by the world's top 50 Business/Motivational/Marketing Gurus like Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, John Grey, Robert Kiyosaki, Shiv Khera to name a few.
The Business System is so solid that it offers opportunity for you make a very good income through its Global Customer Referral Program. You can refer this business to anyone anywhere in this world. The company has beocme "Public" recently in China & Japan, to be followed by Singapore & India soon.
Very simple business with a minimum investment and maximum returns. Above all you have the great opportunity to learn from the masters at your free time and earn merrily listening to them.
Please contact:

Earn When You Are At Sleep, Nothing To Lose !

Name suresh.s
Mobile 098414 79733

Ad Posted On: 27th Jul 2006


This MNC, recently awarded as the 7th Fastest Growing Technological Company
among the top 500 Technological Companies in Asia Pacific Region, by the
prestigious Deloitte organization, based at USA, has HQ at Singapore and are
operated in 42 countries across the globe. For India, we have a Regional Office
at Chennai. 

Our system is based on a robust E-Commerce platform, with cutting edge
technology. Basically we are in to promoting E-Learning tools/Software. This is
not a very technical job; both IT and Non-IT people can do this as we provide
training on joining us.

As this is a Part-time offer you can promote our software to anyone, anywhere in
this world, at your free time, sitting comfortably at home, through Internet.
The offer is purely based on your skills in promoting our software through our
unique Global Customer Interface Referral Program.

Now you have to do just one thing on priority.

Kindly rush your name, address and Mobile No. You will be detailed further and
asked to confirm over your Mobile, if you could make your self available for a
Walk-in, as you are invited for a special. Intro on Coming Sunday {30/07/06},at
11.00am sharp and other things will be taken care very simply.

Do call up just to know the opportunity you have been offered now which would
make, rather change your Lifestyle and make rest of your life very simple and
wonderful, this is the assurance we give from this Company. 

All the best, we have an Excellent System Training Support.

Earn When You Are At Sleep, Nothing To Lose !

Name suresh.s
Mobile 098414 79733

Ad Posted on: 27th Jul 2006

Open to any one around the World but a special offer for Indian

You can earn Rs.10000 -15000/- per month by spending two to three hours a day on
your Computer and Internet connection.

Only a little specialized training is required to get this rare opportunity.

You can use your own Computer, Cyber Cafe, Computer of a Friend, Relative or
Neighbor for this job.

You will be an Independent Distributor and you will see that various Advertising
Agencies are spreading their ads on the net.

You just have to send Emails or Post the Ads on Net.

And you will have to Call them for the special Sunday Intro Meet or Email them
back based on the responses for Emails sent by you.

And if they attend the same and join under your Team, you will be paid

To solve your queries and know more about this please send Email at once.

Fortune is knocking your Door.

Wishing you All the Best!

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Note: From 4th Month, We will charge Rs. 300 (To display the Ad for next 3 Months)